Free Webinar: 3 steps to more confident speaking


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This webinar is for you if you can relate to:


1. ‘I really want to be fluent in Igbo and understand the different pronounciations’.

2. ‘Learning Igbo will be a life changer because I want to be able to speak in my native language’.

3. ‘I want to speak Igbo confidently so I can enjoy speaking with my family’.

4. ‘I want to connect with my roots’.


What you will get:


What my students say:

‘The contents are great. Easy to follow, thereby making it enjoyable to even learn. Thank you.’ Ugochi

As someone whose mother tongue is easier for me to understand with each lesson not been overloaded with things. Can’t wait to surprise my in-laws. Thank you so much.’ Samuel






Your host

Ijeoma Akubue

Native Igbo speaker and creator of the ‘Igbo Speakers Bootcamp’