Want to speak Igbo? Get these 3 things fixed.

learning igbo

Learning Igbo language, like any other language has its challenges.

If we let them, a number of reasons can come up to try and derail us from the goal.


It’s a big one

‘I will start in 2018’

Well, 2018 is gone

‘I will do it in 2019’

We are in the 2nd quarter already!

The best time to start learning and speaking Igbo is today

Doesn’t matter if it’s the 2nd, the 19th or the 1st of the month

Beat procrastination and just start!


The other culprit is ‘NOT PLANNING’

Nobody plans to fail

I want to succeed in Igbo coaching

You want to succeed in speaking Igbo

Well, a key factor that differentiates success from failure is planning

Writing daily, weekly and monthly goals makes it easier

It eliminates random learning

Eg: say my goal is to be able to discuss 12 topics in one year

Each month, I take one topic and divide it into 4 sections

Each week , I take a section and divide it into 5 or 6

So for 5-6 days every week, I have things to learn already mapped out

I can just go ahead, learn it and cross it off my to-do list

Of course, I will need to practise speaking what I’ve learnt again and again

But planning makes it easier

And eliminates the guesswork


And the last REASON: Doing It Alone

We are social beings

We rely on each other

We give and we take

In running Igbostudy

I have help

Family help

Friends help

In Courses and programs I am participating in, I get help

There’s only so much I can do myself

And same goes for you

Ask for help

Ask and you shall receive


There is a saying, ‘when you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always gotten’


But you do want new results

And you are ready to do new things

To take an action you’ve not taken before

Which is why, I invite you to join me in the free training: How to start a conversation in Igbo

In the free training,

You get 10 conversation starters in Igbo

You get 20 replies that you might hear when you speak with someone

And 5 ways to show that you don’t understand


The above training is in preparation for the bootcamp

To use in your own time and at your own pace

Join the free training now

And say ‘Hello!’ to a more confident you as you communicate in Igbo


Ka ọ dị

Na-asụkwa Igbo



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