How to learn Igbo language

How to learn Igbo language

‘How do I learn Igbo language?’ you wonder.  Where to learn Igbo? Why learn Igbo?’ All these are legit questions. Below are some of the answers I have found.

Why learn Igbo         

The ‘why’, you need to answer. It is good to write it down to remind yourself to keep going when motivation levels drop; which does happen now and again. The key reasons I get from my students learning Igbo is that; it will enable them communicate with family, get in touch with their roots and teach their children Igbo.

How to learn Igbo

  1. Self study: use books, youtube videos, apps, movies, listening to the news in Igbo.
  2. Tutor: get a tutor to explain tricky terms/rules. This doesn’t have to be expensive. You can do it at set intervals eg weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.
  3. Language exchange partner: someone to practice with eg; at italki. You teach them a language and they teach you Igbo language
  4. Join focus groups on social media to find other learners and gain motivation.
  5. Practise, practise, practise. Your accent and pronounciation will be different to start with, but, hey; that’s normal. Babies babble and have one or two-word sentences when they are learning to speak. Those steps are necessary. So, baby steps, ok!

Where to learn Igbo language

Below are some websites with Igbo learning resources, Igbo classes, Igbo lessons and courses. Most are online Igbo classes, a few have face to face classes.

  1. Websites to learn Igbo


  1. Social media sites to learn Igbo


Learn Igbo Apps

  2. Learn Igbo for kids
  3. Beginner Igbo
  4. Igbo Basic Phrases
  5. Igbo Dictionary Offline


Hope this helps. Just choose one or two of the above resources and get learning. Remember to speak as you learn. Yes, speaking Igbo daily even for 5-10 minutes is better than nothing. It is also better to learn bits daily than to learn loads at once and then, not learn/speak Igbo for weeks or months.


Ngwanụ, ka ọ dị (Ok, see ya)

Na-asụkwa Igbo


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  • Ada / Reply

    Great post and website. I will be signing up for your udemy course soon. The BBC News website also has an Igbo section now. I’ve been enjoying listening to/reading the content there attune my ears to Igbo in conversation.

  • Tonny Bryant / Reply

    I am happy to learn Igbo Language I like learn more sentence and African Proverb to understanding a quote

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