What is the best way to learn Igbo?

Best Way To Learn Igbo

What is your learning style?

I came across this article that talks about 4 different learning styles

1.Visual: This is when you learn best by looking at pictures, maps, diagrams, videos or movies.

2. Auditory: This is when your preferred method is to hear and discuss lessons eg in a group.

3. Reading/writing preference: You love to read books, reports and and you are very good in writing down what you’ve learnt.

4. Kinesthetic. You like to role play and act out stuff. So you learn very well when there are simulations etc. You like to keep moving and to use hand gestures.


To be honest, I use all the above styles when I am learning new things. However the best way that has always worked for me is to teach someone else what I am learning (that might be kinesthetic, come to think of it).

In my secondary school days, I used to teach my friends Maths as I was good in it. What I found was that the more I taught, the better I became, so much so that during my final exams, I finished my problems and nearly dozed off while waiting for the allocated exam time to end. I did excellently in that Maths exam.

My point, it was mostly due to the fact that I taught others. That made me a problem solver. Even when I didn’t know it, I would research to find out the answers.

This can be applied to Igbo learning. Find someone, a family member, a friend, anyone to teach the Igbo you know. No matter how little eg: ndeewo, daalụ, ịbọọla chi(hi, thanks, good morning). Play pretend. Pretend you are an Igbo teacher. Just try it for a month and see what happens. Be sure to let me know by commenting below.


In my ‘Igbo speakers bootcamp’ which is geared to take you from beginner to confident speaker; there is something for every learning style. There is video, audio, PDFs, pauses to enable you speak out loud and mimick what you hear. Live sessions for questions and answers; a pdf storybook with pictures. There are activities where you will record yourself speaking and writing assignments. If your preferred learning style isn’t represented, shoot me an email and let me know or just comment below.

I encourage you to enroll for this 8 week program which also includes sample conversations (nearly forgot that!) You can find out more here.

At the end, you retain access to materials and any future updates. Lessons are also downloadable (in audio and video format). It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason.

You will get opportunities to suggest topics, make your own sentences and a chance of your recordings ( you will record yourelf speaking at least  weekly and will submit at least two recordings) being featured in future updates. Like I said, learn by teaching!


The taste of the pudding is really in the eating, so, If you are ready to double down and make some progress, see the program here.


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