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learn igbo websites

5 Websites for learning Igbo



How did the idea for this post ‘Learn Igbo Websites’ come about?

It was Tuesday.

I normally create content, especially youtube content on Tuesdays.

I kept wondering what video to make.

It was hard to decide.

Time was passing by.

I started browsing Youtube videos, motivational stuff to be exact.

I came across a few quotes.

‘Uplifting others will uplift you’.

I went off Youtube.

What came to mind was to write about ‘The Top 5 Igbo Websites’ or ‘The Top 5 Websites for learning Igbo’.

There, I had my topic.

However, I hadn’t gone through all the websites online that teach Igbo.

So I ditched the title containing ‘ Top 5’.

It was more like ‘ 5 Igbo websites that comes to mind ‘ .

Or the Igbo websites that I have interacted with.


So, what are the 5 Igbo Websites?

Prefer to watch and listen? Click on the video below.




This is a website managed by Ife. She is learning Igbo as an adult and teaching herself. Her vision is to provide Igbo learning resources to help you teach yourself Igbo and to speak Igbo with your family.

You can find both learning resources and Igbo themed gift items on her website.


Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo is the owner of learnigbonow. She has materials for Igbo teachers as well as Igbo learners. She is the author of ‘Ọkọwaokwu Igbo Ụmụaka’, an Igbo children’s dictionary with pictures. She also has courses at her Igbo school which you can find through her website.


Okwuid is an Igbo language and culture website managed by young Igbo people for same. It aims to instill pride in Igbo people especially those in diaspora. It promotes Igbo culture and fosters community spirit among the young Igbo diaspora.


This is managed by yours truly. My aim is to help you speak Igbo language by providing learning resources and accountability through the ‘Igbo Speakers Bootcamp’. Free Igbo learning resources are also available in the form of blog posts like this one, youtube videos, facebook and instagram posts.


Nkammuta is managed by Udochi Okeke. She is using technology to revolutionize Igbo language learning. She has Igbo CDs that you can listen to in the car. She has ‘Igbo Swag’ which is a collection of Igbo language themed gift items like mugs etc.

Ok oh!

Ọgwụla ka ọ ha m n’ọnụ n’ụbọchị taa.

‘Nuff said.

Check them out.

Have you found other great resources for learning Igbo language?

Go on then.

Share in the comments.

Ngwanụ ka ọ dị o.

Na-asụkwa Igbo




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